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Heat-generating clothing. HEATTECH. Lightweight high-tech fabric actually creates heat to warm you up and keep you warm.

Warms automatically. Stays warm. Surprising technology.

Staying warm through a cold winter is actually not all that difficult. Layer clothing to make a heavy outfit, or wear something made of a thick material. Since clothing was first created, people have gotten through the coldness of winter with either of these methods. How can you overcome the cold of winter without relying on thick clothing? That dilemma has been resolved with groundbreaking technology—HEATTECH from UNIQLO. Its fibers absorb moisture that the body emits, and the fabric itself generates heat. Just wearing it automatically warms you—a surprising innovation in technology wear. Moreover, the layer of air in between the fibers does not allow the warmth generated to escape, so that you can continue to feel warm as long as you are wearing it.

Thin, lightweight and comfortable— qualities resulting from tireless research WITH the human body.

HEATTECH is not merely warm clothing. HEATTECH stretches and shrinks to fit your body. That is something you will feel once you try it on—unparalleled comfort, uninhibited movement. The days when you had to wear layer upon layer of restrictive clothing to feel warm are over.

Material developed from scratch. More than 10,000 prototypes. An embodiment of cutting-edge fiber technology.

HEATTECH is an innovative new material that UNIQLO developed jointly with global textile maker Toray. To achieve the ultimate in warmth and comfort, we created more than 10,000 prototypes. HEATTECH cannot be made with ordinary equipment. The fabric is made on dedicated production lines. HEATTECH generates and retains warmth, fights bacteria to prevent odors, prevents static electricity and is extremely comfortable.An embodiment of Japanese technology, HEATTECH was born from cutting-edge fiber technologies, where Japan leads the world. Since hitting the market in 2003, every year HEATTECH has evolved through improvements that incorporate customer feedback.

Over 100 million items sold in seven countries. Changing winter across the globe.

HEATTECH is more than just underwear. Although HEATTECH makes superb underwear, you can use it as you like in combination with other layers. We are surprising people around the world and freeing them from heavy winter clothing, not only in Japan, but in New York, London and Paris, too. UNIQLO’s mission is to change clothing, to change conventional wisdom and to change the world. HEATTECH is the embodiment of UNIQLO’s vision.